PGA Junior Tour Golf Schools
Short Game Schools

100 yards and in

The Short Game school is designed for the student interested in lowering their scores through concentrated effort on the short game and are scheduled the 1st weekend of every month.

This school specializes in all areas of the short game from 100 yards and in. This includes Wedge Shots, Pitching, Chipping, Lob Shots and concentrated time on putting and sand play.

2 Day School – $1295

1 – 2 – 3 Day Golf Schools

Our One, Two and Three Day Total School is great for all levels of player. Premier Golf Academy follows a progressive learning model building on what you already do well and improving weaknesses. Each student receives an individual improvement plans and set of drill for continuing improvement after the school is over.

After attending our school you’ll have an understanding of what makes your swing work, how to practice and how to play for consistent progress

Playing Schools

The Playing School is a customized one day school for the non-beginner golfer. This school includes morning instruction with video analysis, lunch, 18 hole playing lesson, green and cart fees for the day. School starts at 8am and concludes around 3pm.

Half Day Golf School

If you’re short on time, but still want a professional upgrade to your game, the half day school is perfect for you.

We will run you through our High Tech Center and give you a detail analysis of each part of your game. Next, we will give you the key point in each area for improvement and prescribe practice drills.

When you’re finished, we give you a video and performance analysis of your motion and changes.

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